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Break the system! Create job offers, compare candidates use automated communications to help yourself in hiring rockstars.

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Joining your team is a wonderful experience now

Bring back excitement to recruiting in ways that rock the socks off your job candidates.

Get better candidates

No more struggle with irrelevant CVs. Create recruitment campaigns that attract real rockstars.

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Review matching resumes

Stop wasting your time on resume evaluations. Interview only those people who truly match your requirements.

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Engage your applicants

Establish meaningful dialogue with people who want to work with you. Easily let them know who rocks and who sucks.

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These guys get it

Groovy teambuilders, employer-extraordinaire’s

Your recruitment style should resonate with candidates

Hire great people without losing their interest in the process.

Leslie is applying for the position

Best candidates know their worth. Don’t scare them away with clunky job offers in the yellow pages. Rock their world with TeamRock’s features such as:

  • Clear and precise job offers
  • Self-assessment of required skills
  • No uploading of resumes
  • A clean and easy interface
  • Real-time engagement of candidates
Charlie is recruiting her with confidence

Team leaders can screen resumes based on skill comparison and candidate matching algorithms (Artificial intelligence included!) rather than solely their intuition. 

  • Candidate matching algorithms
  • Resume comparison and sorting
  • Job offers & entire campaigns
  • Simple like nothing else matters
  • Recruitment e-mail automation¬†

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