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Stop receiving applications from people with irrelevant skills. Collect only those that actually fit the job description

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Candidates have a hard time applying

Forcing candidates to send resumes by e-mail or to fill-in
endless forms are great ways to lose their interest

Recruiters stopped caring, but why should you?

By improving the candidate experience you’re giving
them a taste of how good it is to be part of your team

Create actionable job offers

The easiest way to join your team is through a TeamRock job offer link. List the skills you need, ask relevant questions and publish it where your candidates are at

Recruitment campaign management

Easily enable, pause, finish and edit multiple job offers

Recruitment question forms

Allow candidates to explain their motivation, employment history and job-specific interests

Job offer links

Easily publish job offers on any website by just copy/pasting a unique link

Skill-based job offers

Select required skills to show candidates what qualifications are you looking for

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