Engage your applicants

Automatically notify your candidates with updates regarding both positive and negative outcomes of their recruitment

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Leaving candidates in the dark isn't fair

Respectful treatment of candidates goes a long way, yet many team leaders lack the time and energy to follow-up with each and every applicant

Communication helps everyone

Pre-selection, accepting for an interview, declining and hiring are fundamental decisions, that candidates are made aware of automatically and in real time – if you use TeamRock that is

E-mail candidates about your decisions

Use TeamRock’s stock e-mails or customize them on the fly to immediately inform people that they’re declined or :drum roll: hired!

Status Change E-mails

Automatically send an e-mail to your candidates to inform them about recruitment status changes

Personalized Replies

Tell candidates in your own words why they rock your world

Employer Branding

Customize recruitment e-mails with your logo and company information 

Fair Use Policy

TeamRock will automatically notify candidates they’ve been declined if you fail to respond to them within 30 days

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